AG-Community Medieval RP MOTD & Rules

If you read nothing else, please read the "General Rules"

MOTD and rules

This server is in beta - please leave feedback on the website (!website) or in discord (!discord)

Server Changelog
Updates happen on next restart & deployment.
- Major issue with group permissions fixed
- Starting money increased (now 50k)
- MOTD Clarification: Bugbait can get you killed or arrested by the target
- Toolgun restrictions fixed
- Prisoners spawning props fixed
- Minor inventory tweaks; you will no longer lose items in your inventory on death, but stacking is reduced.
- Fixed titlestore and unarrest NPCs.
- Added another Stable & NPC shop NPC.
- Server will now restart daily at 5AM.
- Rice spawning issues (alcohol mod) fixed.
- Max textscreen limit is now 5.
- Customcheck fixed for guard captian
- Sake box spawning fixed in alcohol mod.
- Added farmer job
- Fixed APromote
- Added farmer crate to pocket blacklist; it despawns your food if pocketed.
- Only farmer should be able to see farming entities
- Small issue with party system fixed
- Lowered price of farmer's watering can, as it was overpriced.
- Fists nerfed to 10dmg
- updated Buu's swords addon.
- New job: Queen.
- Queen playermodel fixed; various tweaks to her job
- Added "simple third person"
- Added AWarn 3
- Added police armory (plan to make it more "medieval" looking soon)
- Removed pistol from highwayman
- Assassin classes now spawn with a lockpick
- Fixed VIP items on Moonshine
- Added new legal job: Tobacco farmer
- Bank jobs fixed
- Workshop.lua updated
- Added NLR system
- Fixed server again after breaking something...
- NPC for Tobacco fixed
- Health and armor can now be placed in your DarkRP pocket
- Tobacco ent added to player ownership
- Fixed a glitch where muskets could perma-destroy world doors
- Maybe fixed some issues with the DarkRP pocket
- Lowered robbery holdout time
- Don't break on me...
- Tobacco price nerfed to 1k (from 6k)
- Pocket tweaks, you can now pocket more items (including tobacco)
- Stability tweaks
- Stability tweaks, hopefully for real this time, crontab was broken.
- GProtect fixed
- Bullet penetration disabled
- Keypads & E2 added to pocket blacklist to fix a major bug.
- Disabled a mingey toolgun.
- Tons of bugs with pocket system fixed
- A re-write of our horse addon is in progress
- Ammo tweaks
- Titlestore tweaks
- Scoreboard fix
- Added a new musket
- Correct ammo added to F4 menu, report the bug to an admin/discord/website if it isn't working with a certian weapon.
- FPS Booster added
- MOTD Edits
- Added armor entity to weapon dealers & doctor.
- Fixed some prices and a shipment.
- GProtect fixed. Again.
- Server & DarkRP updated to the latest versions.
- Only farmer can spawn farmer weapons.
- Issue preventing signing up on the forums fixed.
- Pocketing entities fixed, hopefully for real this time.
- Ranks showing up wrong in scoreboard fixed.
- Added witcher portals to travel the map with ease.
- Tweaked handcuffs.
- Tweaked unarrest NPC, fixed an exploit & stop it from resetting jail time.
- Fixed lawboards spawning incorrectly.
- Fixed an incorrectly spawning NPC near spawn.
- Lowered prices on gold labs.
- Fixed an issue with the loading screen stopping some images from displaying.
- Added some tools to the admin job.
- Major buff to gold labs, mid buff to farming.
- Entity tweaks.
- Added tax system
- Fixed portals, hopefully for good.
- Fixed ent ownership issue with moonshine.
- Added rebel jobs
- Added new props to the server
- Fixed being able to pocket moonshine entities (like the condenser) Don't do that
- Fixed being able to pocket some moonshine enities
- Buffed salaries
- Added group chat to rebel faction
- Major buff to mining
- Added /roll command
- Added boats!
- Updated capture the flag addon
- workshop.lua fix
- Added unbreak tool
- Added lockpicks to Royal Officials (to raid Greywall Keep)
- MOTD Clarification
- Added new horse addon
- Created Greywall demote group
- Buffed gold labs a bit
- Portals moved to spawn; changes made to prevent portal abuse
- Playermodel updates
- Workshop.lua updates
- Updated gmodserver
- Added wizard job
- New mayor events
- MOTD Clarification.
- Lots of minor changes I forgot to log, changelog will be moved to a new platform soon...
*All will apply @ 2/6/2021 @ 5AM EST Restart.
- Enabled /rpname
- Permission tweaks. Admins can edit workd props, ban SteamIDs, and a few others (shouldn't have been disabled ever)
- Added capture flag to Kingshold
- Added raiding gear, "kidnap" gear to Greywall Royalty
- Reduced the price of health and armor in the NPC shop greatly. It was way overpriced!
- Added King situations; edited others
- Loadingscreen fixes for boat loading screen. still too lazy to fix "Capital" type-o.
- Added (untested) Easy Bodygroup Tool to workshop collection, not in ws.lua yet/untested
- GMod update (somewhat) broke pockets for some entities, we're looking into how to work around that.

1) Adverting actions (mug/raid/assist/hit) is not required, and may get you thrown in the dungeon for admitting to a crime.
2) No mugging with the mic - you must type a mug into the local chat (or a /y to yell)
3) Do not abuse the suicide command to avoid RP situations. It isn't considered an "RP Death."
4) Do not break NLR. The NLR time is 5min & you may not return to a raid until NLR expires, or the raid ends.
5) If there's a conflict of rules in a job description, etc. MOTD takes priority.
6) Do not RDM/RDA players. Obviously.
Exploiting and glitching
We define exploiting of taking advantage of a known (or unknown) bug to get an advantage.
An example would include taking advantage of the bugs with horses that cannot be easily patches to "farm printers" in the void.
We define glitching as taking advantage of a more severe or easy bug in an addon or otherwise, such as a money duplication glitch.
1) Any exploit or glitch must be reported to an admin, and/or put in the "bug reports" section of our Discord/website.
2) Taking advantage of a glitch is considered a permaban on the spot.
3) Taking advantage of an exploit can range from a warn to a ban, up to an admin's choice and depending on the severity.
4) Using horses/sit anywhere/other methods to get into the void or an inaccessible area is not allowed.

Sit Anywhere script rules 1) Using the physgun or other methods to move a sitable object while it's in use is not allowed.
2) Using the sit anywhere script to exploit is a day ban.
3) Using the sit anywhere script to avoid RP/Damage/etc. is a 600sec jail & a max of a day ban.
Roleplay Rules - FearRP
1) Follow FearRP. FearRP is when 2 or more people (2v1) approach you with swords & weapons & you must comply with order (within the rules)
2) Only the kidnapper job & Greywall Officials may kidnap people; Greywall Officials may only do so within their territory as an "arrest" or POW.
3) FearRP does not apply to Greywall Soldiers & Royal Officials, as they are willing to die for their cause. It does apply for The Queen, High King, Rebel King, King's Son, Rebel King. 4) FearRP does not apply if the target is in their own home, or if you are on the other side of a raid setup.
5) Do not suicide to avoid FearRP or RP, that is a mandatory written !warn.
6) The maximum mugging amount is $10,000.
Punishments: An admin can simply admin you back into your RP situation, warn you verbally, jail you, /arrest you (if you evaded guards) etc.

!Votekick & !voteban
Votekick is restricted to "Trusted Users" (you will auto get this rank after 10hrs played). Voteban is for nobility only (VIP).
These commands will be further restricted and phased out as our admin team grows - but for the time being, abuse of them is strictly punished. These commands only exist to give legit players leeway when no admins are on. This isn't Counter Strike, don't abuse the commands.
You are encouraged to report abuse - it can often be easily proven using logs.
1) Abuse of the votekick or voteban command is punished by a minimum of a 24hr ban. Abusing the command three times will result in you losing access to it.
2) Votekick and voteban may not be used when an admin is on and not AFK.
3) These commands may not be used for chat rules.
4) A singular RDM/RDA is not a valid reason. It must be mass (4+ players within a 5min period, give or take)
5) Mass propblock/spawnblock is a valid reason.
6) Ganging up with the commands, and persistently abusing them to target a player is a week ban for everyone involved.
7) Votekick & voteban may only be used for major violations that threaten the gameplay of the entire server, not minor rule violations (24hr ban)

/demote rules
1) Demote can be used for RP reasons (ex. a Guard Captian demoting a corrupt Knight)
2) Demote cannot be used for server rules (RDM/NLR) but can be used for job abuse (RDA)
3) You cannot demote a King because you think he is bad or dislike his laws - instead, try and kill him, and he will be demoted.

General Chat Rules
1) Poor taste (racism, etc.) in chat is prohibited, use common sense.
2) Advertising other communities/servers is a no-appeal permaban.
3) Antagonizing/insulting players must be kept within reason.
4) "Admin Disrespect," "owner disrespect," etc. are not rules. Engaging with admins falls under the chat rules that apply to all players.

Microphone Rules
1) Music spam and micspam is prohibited, unless you are far from other players. If a reasonable complaint happens, it must be stopped.
2) The use of voicechangers, or any other annoyances is prohibited within an admin's discretion.

What is considered basing?

Basing is setting up a fortified structure with the purpose of defending gold labs/items/yourself. A small structure lacking shootingwindows, etc. doesn't count as a base.

Basing and Parties
1) If you help another player (ex. killing chasing guards) while not in the same !party, that is usually RDM unless you have a reason.
2) Jobs that cannot join parties are not permitted to raid/base with a gang (ex. weapon smiths, Royal Officials) See job rules and description.
3) Parties can claim any town aside from Kingshold and prop-wall it in (the building rules still apply, it is considered one base, but each building can have 1x additional keypad.)
*The King can deem claiming a town an act of revolt if they want, and you & your party is AOS/KOS until the town is given up.
4) Your party must have at least 2 people to claim an entire town (other than Kingshold and Goldsgrav) as a base. Building rules still apply.
5) When claiming a town, a weapon smith is permitted to set up shop within and defend with the party.

RDM Rules
You must have a valid RP reason to kill someone, a valid RP reason varies & you don't exclusively have to be attacked first.
1) Advert or /y (yell) warns if you are unsure - the threshhold is two warns as opposed to three. An issued warning is "valid" for 5min regardless of NLR.
2) Do not enforce laws as a non police job, that is typically considered RDM. A thief cannot counter a raid on a castle.

A King can override any laws by adding a contradicting law, or simply adding a law saying the default laws don't apply. Laws marked with a * cannot be overriden.
Use common sense - just because it isn't listed, doesn't make it legal. For example, advertising a hitman service publically is clearly illegal. If a job is categorized as criminal, it can be assumed what they do is illegal.

Default Laws
1) Gold Counterfeit labs are illegal.*
2) Murder and mugging is prohibited.*
3) Placing and accepting hits is illegal.*
4) Lifting a valid arrest you did not make is illegal (demote, and possibly arrest).
5) Insulting the King, his officials or the Kingdom will get you thrown in the dungeon.
6) Within reason, you must follow a Royal Official's orders (ex. put the weapon away)
7) Brewing Moonshine and growing marijuana is prohibited within the Kingdom.
8) Highwaymen can be arrested or killed on sight.
9) The Royal Officials wish to keep order - any gun above a pistol being displayed in public is AOS/KOS.
10) Bugbait can get you arrested/killed by police and players.
11) Any citizen or official from Greywall can be killed or arrested when seen in Kingshold.

Default Laws - Greywall
*These law apply when Greywall's flag is "captured" by a Greywall soldier.
1) Gold counterfeit labs are legal; devaluing the King's currency is encouraged.
2) Weed, moonshine and other illicit substances are permitted within Goldsgrav.
3) Highwaymen can be killed on sight.
4) Royal Officials can be killed on sight.
5) Greywall soldiers can plunder anyone living within Greywall without reason.
6) Insulting, or even looking at a Greywall soldier the wrong way can lead to death.

Kingdom War Rule 1) Royal Officials may not enforce Kingshold laws in Greywall unless the flag is captured.
2) Only a Guard Captian, High King, or Royal General may start a war.
3) A police chase that enters Greywall land from Kingshold can be continued, but the officer risks getting KOS'd in Greywall
4) Greywall officials can be killed/arrested for leaving Greywall, and vice-versa.

Royal Officials

/Warrant, /want and Police Raid Rules
1) Warrants to enter a base aren't strictly required - but a valid RP reason is. Ex. if you chase a wanted player into his base, you don't need a warrant.
2) If one person in a base breaks the law, everyone in the base can be considered to be an outlaw unless they expel the wanted person.
3) If a /want expires and any officer alive remembers the player within NLR, they can still be arrested.
4) Suspicion isn't a valid warrant reason. You must see, or have solid evidence of a crime. Interrogations are permitted, but should be reasonable.

High King
"Long Live the King."
1) The King may make any law, but they must be within reason. Ex. "Physguns are illegal" "No walking on the streets" are invalid laws. Obviously.
2) Merchant Guild jobs (gunsmith, swordsmith) cannot be prohibited & customers cannot be camped. Weapons can be completely illegal, but the crime must be witnessed outside of a weapon deal.
3) You can kill/torture/have your Jester arrested for any reason you please.
4) Lockdowns must be no longer than 10min, and must have a valid RP reason. A single crime, as example, is invalid - but an attempt on your life is a valid reason.

Police and Guards
"Stop, you've violated the law!"
1) You must have a valid reason for an arrest within the laws/common sense.
2) You may give players orders, within reason. For example, don't drag a player to interrogation for no reason. You should have some reason to do so.
3) Acting as a corrupt official is permitted within reason. Ex. Unarresting every player that is jailed is an admin situation. Unarresting your friend is an RP situation (handled with /demote or by other means. Not an admin's issue).
4) You may not actively base with a gang, or solo base. You can own a small house.
5) You may not kill the King in most situations. If you do, you must have a very good RP reason & work with other Royal Officials.
6) You may not camp the black market area of Kinngshold. If you happen to see an illegal deal on patrol, it's fair game.
7) You may not base. The exception is building a "base" to protect the Castle.
8) You may not use your demote F7 menu to avoid an RP situation, such as a coup.

Crime Jobs

"The roads are dangerous, be on your guard!."
1) You can RDM, but only in areas far from the main Kingdoms. Spawn/exit camping is strictly prohibited & is a 10min jail or 24hr ban.
2) Any patrolling Knight/Guard can KOS/AOS you, so keep your guard up.
3) Using props to block players/horses or set up checkpoints is prohibited.
4) You may not target the same player twice within a 5min timeframe.
5) Police or other officials may not camp your spawn (shouldn't be a huge deal, as it lies in the woods.)
6) You may set up a base in the woods, see the building rules.
7) You may operate in a party, but the party cannot base within a town.
8) Players can KOS you likewise.

Mercenary Wizard
1) You may not solo-base as a wizard.
2) Do not spam magic; you must have a reason to use it.
3) You may not raid/etc. solo as a wizard; you must be hired to do so.
4) Wizards cannot mug at all.


General job rules
1) Do not abuse your job, use common sense.
2) Crime jobs cannot enforce laws, police jobs may not raid.
3) Dealers, generally speaking, must have a shop & be actively doing their jobs. Demote otherwise.

Dealer Jobs

Weapon Dealers
1) Do not SelfSupply (spawn yourself weapons, then switch jobs right after)
2) Do not have friends sell you weapons, then switch jobs right after, as that is still SelfSupply.
3) You must be actively selling weapons if you are a dealer job. Not doing so can get you demoted.

1) All keypads must be 8sec hold or toggled (this will be forced by the server's default keypads(da-vinci locks))
2) There can be a maximum of three keypad cracks between a raider and your stuff.
3) Do not attempt to circumvent police rams in your raid setup. If you dislike the fadingdoor rams, let us know as this feature is under review.
*You may use any means to circumvent it in a fadingdoor not part of your raid setup. Such as a door only used for entry/exit.
4) Traps and crouchbases are not permitted whatsoever - a player must be able to stand up at all times in your base.
5) Two players must be able to fit in all layers of your raid setup at a time.
6) Fake/dummy keypads are not permitted.
7) One way props in a raid setup are not permitted. They can be used in any other part of your base.

Raid setup & shootingwindow
1) Shootingwindow buttons must be right next to the window they toggle.
2) Shootingwindows must be transparent enough to see through at a distance.
3) Shootingwindows must be (at least) 4 PHX grid blocks off the ground high, and 8 PHX grid blocks wide.
The 1x2 PHX prop is the minimum height prop.
4) Shootingwindowss themselves must be at least 2 PHX grid blocks high.
5) Shootingwindows must be at least (approx) %40 transparent.
6) Shootingwindows can only be on the sides of your raid setup. They cannot be on ceilings/roofs/floors. No headshot windows.

Minimum shootingwindow size
A prime example of a legal shootingwindow. The blue is the minimum shootingwindow itself, the red is the minimum height. There is no rules for how large the space above a shootingwindow must be - so long as the raiders aren't crouching it is permitted.

Shooting window minimum

Base extensions and outside building.
1) You may build a camp/base in the forrest sorrounding each Kingdom.
2) Outside bases shouldn't be absurdly large, and should have some effort to look "medieval" (only applies to the outside.)
3) Only the vagrant class can build on city streets.
4) Your base can only extend on sidewalks, not the street.
5) Keep base extensions reasonable - oversized extensions will be removed.

E2 and wire rules
1) No E2 shootingwindows.
2) Wire and E2 alarms are permitted and encouraged, but may not become spammy.
3) You can use E2/wire setups to enter or exit a base.
4) E2/wire cannot apply player decals, like trails.
5) Do not sound emitter spam. Sound emitters are only permitted within or right next to your own doors/base.

KOS sign rules
1) KOS signs are permitted, but may not be placed in a public business's main area (ex. gun shop)
2) KOS signs can only be on your property, and must be easily and reasonably visible.
3) KOS Signs must be placed directly on/near your own property - not a large area around it. The exception is a party cliaming a town.

Obvious, or very well known commands aren't typically listed in this menu.
/dropmoney [amount] (ex. /dropmoney 500) - drops money
/check [name] [amount]
/invholster - holsters your current weapon to your persistent inventory
/wanted - wants a player
/warrant - warrants a door
/lockdown - starts a lockdown
/unlockdown - ends a lockdown
stp - enables "simple third person" stopsound - stops a glitchy sound from looping (clientside)
!checknlr - checks a player's NLR bubble.
!clearnlr - clears a player's NLR bubble.
!spmenu - opens the NLR bubble config.
!blogs - opens up Billy's Logs.

Admin Rules
1) Admins cannot punish a player for disrespecting them, but can enforce the general chat rules. A player calling you a bad admin is not a violation of anything.
2) For most minor offences, a player must be warned first, either verbally or via !warn.
3) Using admin tools (NoClip/staff jobs/god mode) during RP is strictly prohibited.
4) You may use NoClip to build.
5) Using your admin "status" or tools to favor or target a certian player/gang is prohibited.

Punishment Guidelines
Admins have discretion, this is a general guideline.
Minor Offences
Minor Offences must always be given some sort of warn before a punishment is applied.
1) Micspam - (warn followed by a gag)
2) Singular case of RDM/RDA (warn/jail)
3) Racism in chat (warn/mute/gag/jail)
4) Player harrasment to the point of disrupting the community (warn/gag/jail)
5) Minor propminge (warn/kick)

Intermediate Offences
The use of a warning is up to the admin.
1) Leaving to avoid punishment (between 1-12hr ban)
2) Persistent/repeat RDM (non mass) (between 1-12hr ban)

Major Offences
No warnings should be given in these situations. Most aren't held to discretion.
1) Propblocking essential areas (permban)
2) Propspam (permban)
3) Attempts to crash the server (permban)
4) DDOS threats (permban)
5) Cheating/aimbot/bhop scripts (permban)
6) Exploiting the economy or server content (1 week ban & money wipe)
7) Advertising other servers (permban)
8) Persistent "trolling" with no intent to RP (1 week-permban)
9) Mass RDM/RDA (5+ players within a 5-10min timeframe) (2 week-permban)
10) PayPal refund/scam for donation purchases (permban, no appeal)