AG-Community RP

If you read nothing else, please read the "General Rules"
One rank is avalible for purchase to unlock easily abused features like E2, a higher prop limit, etc. All jobs/entities will always be free and unlockable! type !donate for more information.

MOTD and rules

This server is in beta - please leave feedback @
Depending on the economy and balancing, money & XP may be reset before the beta period ends. This is not set in stone.
We are taking active suggestions and utalizing them on a weekly basis.

Server Changelog
Updates happen on next restart & deployment.

- 9/6/19 - server launched


1) You do not need to advert your actions (raid/mug/escape/etc.)
2) You may mug with the mic, but a hotkey/text must be used once to state there is a mug and the asked amount (no more than $5000)
3) This server does not use FearRP FearRP is when you "must do what someone says" because they have a gun out.
4) You may never suicide to avoid RP. Using entities that kill (lift, doors) to purposely avoid RP/arrest is prohibited.
5) NLR time is 5min, or until the raid ends. Whichever comes first. Politely ask in OOC if the raid is over.
6) You may not kill someone "because they are killing/arresting your friend" you must be actively grouped together (using /job "GANG NAME", on the same default team. See grouping term)
8) Fadingdoors must be 8sec minimum, with a max of 3 per base/cell. Do not spam multiple fadingdoors together to bypass a battering ram. See "building rules"
9) Do not minge/troll. If you are acting like a "dipshit" and on the edge of the rules, an admin can punish you.
10) Do not bait police, that term is defined in the terminology section.
11) You cannot enforce laws as a non-police jobs unless the rules state otherwise.
12) No spam of any kind. Chat, flashlight, etc.
13) Do not RDM or RDA other players.
14) While building, you may not propblock or deny raiders access to your base.
15) Use common sense, any attempt to "loophole" or "lawyer" the MOTD is not permitted. Admins have descresion, even when a rule isn't clearly listed but otherwise obvious (like logging off during jail)

!Votekick, !voteban and /demote rules

A violation of !votekick & !voteban rules is a 24 hour ban without exception.
A violation of a /demote rule is a minor offence.
We intend to phase out or restrict these commands as our admin team grows.

1) Votekick and voteban may only be used for: Mass RDM, Mass arrest, server-wide spam, spawnblock/essential area blocking, minging/bothering the majority of players, or other offences that put many players at risk. NOT for minor offences like singular RDM, singular RDA, OOC insulting, etc.
2) Votekick and voteban may not be used to remove players you dislike/are annoying you.
3) If an admin is on and not AFK, !votekick and !voteban may not be used. An exception is pure neglet to stop mass RDM, propspam and spawn/tunnel block.

Demote Rules
1) Demote is ONLY for job related abuses, and can be an RP event or admin related event.
Examples of valid demote: Mayor made invalid law(A), cop random arresting(A), gundealer not selling(RP/A), gundealer basing (A), random warrant (A), fired for ignoring orders (RP), placing hits as a cop (RP), taking bribes for unarrest (RP)
Examples of invalid demote: RDM, NLR, OOC spam, propblock, suicide to avoid RP.
2) In cases where a server rule overlaps with a job rule, it is strongly advised to call an admin first. Examples marked with just (A).
3) If more than 3 admins are on and active, demote may only be used for RP purposes.
4) An official may not be demoted for RP reasons (ex: "impeached", "overly strict mayor", "incompetent MS-13 leader") unless first killed.

Chat rules

1) Advertising other servers is a permaban.
2) "Admin disrespect" is not a valid offence. You can insult and critize admins, and they may do the same to you. But you are both still held to the chat rules.
3) Do not spam in the mic or any chats. Playing music via mic is only permitted in isolated areas. Any complaints that are warranted mean it must stop.
4) Please don't advertise raids and events. This isn't an official rule, but can result in a /want or arrest.
5) Racism in OOC chat is not permitted, in-game use is at an admin's discretion, and can be met with RP actions (kill, etc.)
6) Do not metagame. Anything related to RP must be in loal test, mic or advert. OOC is for OOC events.
7) When using mic or local chat for OOC (admin situations, etc.) you are heald to the OOC chat rules.
8) Insults and criticisms are permitted in OOC. Keep it in good taste. If it starts to get spammy, admins can mandate you take it to /pm or stop.

Grouping - Active Grouping, or grouping, is defined as working with other players in a gang/organization at that given time. Must be defined with a /job title. For example, /job GangGang member. Not having the /job tag can result in you being accused of RDM for assisting your members. A script is in the works to change this, but for the time being, please use /job.

Basing - Basing is defined as being in an enclosed building with a raiding setup (shooting windows, fadingdoors, etc.) Basing is the main focus of the building at hand, a shop with a raiding setup to protect shipments is not basing. Usually at admin's discretion if there is a questionable situation. Someone demoted or punished for "basing as a gundealer" would have to be locked in a building printerfarming, not actively selling weapons. Owning a door is not basing, but certain jobs may not own doors. Both violations can be punished via /demote or admin.

RDM/RDA - RDM is random death match. You must have a valid RP reason within the rules to assault/kill someone. RDA is random arrest, authorities must have a valid RP reason to arrest someone. "corrupt arrests" are seldom permitted. If a corrupt arrest is done, it must have a long history and very good RP reason. Before getting an admin, please ask why you were killed in OOC or /pm Valid reasons to kill someone range widely. We offer more reasons than a strict parameter aligned by many servers. Resisting mug, several insults or threats, etc. may be considered valid. For example, if a player is being racist or threatening torwards you in an IC chat, you may act. Performing a "mass shooting" or other excuses to Mass RDM is not valid. You can RP someone who is "insane," but Mass RDM is never excused. Being a "serial killer" is not a rationale to RDM. You MUST have a valid reason.

NLR - NLR is defined as "New Life Rule," when you die, you forget most of what happened before. You may not seek out a revenge kill/arrest, and must wait 5min before going back to where you died. You still remember your home, and your enemies, etc. But you may not act in revenge and forget why you died and who killed you. You cannot return to a raid until 5min has passed (assuming it is still going on)

Micspam - Micspam is defined as playing any constant sound via the microphone. Music through the mic is not acceptable unless you are in a secluded area. Constantly talking/making noises for the purpose of annoyance is not permitted. A warn will be followed by a gag.

Baiting police - Baiting police is defined as doing an action with the intent of getting an officer's attention, with no other valid RP reason. An example would be waving a weapon around an officer on purpose then killing him when he makes a move. Or making an advert like "We have printers! Raid us!, or micspamming/antagonizing an officer to get him to act. You can mess with police and other players, but keep it reasonable. If you display a clear intent to just start a chase for no good reason or get attention to your superbase, an admin may step in. This is a loose term, an admin discretion is a large part of it. Baiting other players can be punished, but this must be very clear. Usually, only police are targeted in this offence.

Suicide to avoid RP - Suicide to avoid RP refers to using the suicide command while in any sort of RP situation (kidnap, arrest/chase, mug, etc.) Using entities to purposely die (like the elevator or door to the yard) or using a cigarette with the explicit purpose of suicide to avoid RP is not permitted. A drug overdose (not counting the cig from the NPC shop), fall damage, or purposely getting shot is acceptable.

Laws and sections marked with an * may not be changed or overriden by a mayor.
Use common sense. For example, just because "advertising hits" isn't listed here, it is obviously illegal. Anything "obviously illegal" is illegal.

Default Laws
1) *Money printers are illegal, XP printers are permitted.
2) *Murder, mugging and extortion is illegal
3) *Placing and accepting hits is illegal
4) Lifting lawful arrests made by yourself or anyone else through bribery/"bail" or other means is unlawful/ (demote/dicipline)
5) Weapons above a pistol are illegal (*unless only posessed in a base)
6) having any weapon equipped in public is unlawful.
7) All drugs and drug production is illegal
8) Disrespect and/or threats to officials is unlawful
9) Threats to another citizen are unlawful
10) *Gundealers have some amnesty. You may not make gundealing unlawful or AOS them for selling, or AOS/weaponcheck people for buying.

Police raid rules
1) If someone in your base broke a law, everyone in that base can be killed/arrested.
2) In cases of wanted person(s) being in a base, if that's the sole reason for the warrant, the raid must be stopped if they exit w/o incident.
2) Police raids must have a valid reason and be related to the laws.

If your job is not included in any of these categories, the basic rules in the job description apply.
Rules in job desc. apply in all cases, but MOTD always overrides.


Note: Gun dealers should be ignored unless they break a law. Selling/buying guns cannot be outlawed. A player exiting/entering their shop, or buying is not cause for a weaponcheck.

1) Laws must be reasonable and fair. Examples of unreasonable laws would be, "no running," "gundealers are illegal," "physgun is illegal." etc. Use common sense!
2) The mayor is the only official that can make laws. When no mayor is in place, the defaults apply.
3) You may /demote any officer ignoring your orders, or punish them in any other ways you deem fit.
4) You cannot make buying and selling guns illegal (by gun dealers), but possessing them is at your discretion.
5) Your orders must be reasonable. You cannot order the entire server somewhere, but individuals can be given reasonable orders. An exception is a lockdown.
6) Not accepting reasonable warrants is a demote/admin situation.
7) Lockdowns must have a strong reason.

Chief of Police

1) You may not make laws
2) You have command over all other police, and may use demotes or other methods to enforce this

Lockdown Rules

1) Lockdowns must have valid reasons. An advert/broadcast should be given every 30-60sec, otherwise players must be warned by police. There is a 60sec period before each lockdown is in effect fully.
2) An example of a valid reason: "attempted murder on mayor, extreme crime epidemic, PD raid, etc."
3) Examples of invalid reasons: "None at all, one player was doing X, a single crime, etc."
5) If no advert is being given, officers must warn each player before arresting them. Other officials may make the advert in place of a warden/sheriff.

Other police jobs

1) You may own printers, but risk arrest/demote for posessing them.
2) You can own a small house, but may not have shooting windows or a base.
3) You may not (directly) work with a gang, but subtle corruption on the side is acceptable (but illegal).
4) Camping drug dealer NPCs is permitted, but this can get you killed!
5) No random weaponchecking. You must have reasonable suspicion to weaponcheck.
6) You must have a /warrant to raid with valid reason. Suspicion isn't valid, do an investigation!
7) Only Sergeant+ may force players to interrogation for an investigation with reason.
8) You may have printers, but face demote or other punishments if caught.
9) Following players into their base during an active chase doesn't require a warrant
10) A /want can be renewed given NLR has not been broken AND you are actively hunting the suspect.
11) Mugging is prohibited in all cases.


Gun dealer classes

1) You can "self supply" weapons for your own protection.
2) You may not base or be part of a gang, or face demote/admin punishment.
3) You MUST be selling guns and have a shop set up somewhere.
4) You can have printers in your shop, provided it is an active shop. Arrest can happen!
5) Mugging is prohibited in all cases.
6) Automatic gunshops via E2 or other means are permitted and encouraged.
7) You may set up a small stall somewhere on the map, but it may only have one fadingdoor&keypad setup - may not be a "prop base"
8) You cannot raid unless provided a very good RP rationale, like hurting brutal competition. Keep it to a minimum
9) You can NOT have yourself or clients arrested for buying/selling weapons regardless of what the laws say.

Drug dealer

1) You must be actively be selling your supplies.
2) You don't need a shop, but you can set one up. Keep it hidden, you can be arrested.
3) You may not be part of a gang


Criminials & misc

Default teams (MS13, etc.)

1) You may NOT KOS rival gangs, but can intimidate, mug, etc.
2) You can work with other gangs and form alliances.
3) The leader has the power to /demote for disobedience.
4) Gang wars as an excuse to KOS are not permitted, but you can claim cell blocks and small territory as a KOS zone for rival gangs only.
5) "gang territory" may not be in essential areas of the map and passages to get to shops and other important items. An example of acceptable territory would be a cellblock or section of the yard.


1) There is a 5min cooldown between killing the same person
2) You must be actively performing hits
3) You must advert "hit complete" after performing a hit. This is considered an OOC event.
4) You may no group or work with a gang, but can hire mercenaries.
5) You can own a "storefront," but openly advertising hits can be illegal. Cover it with something else!


1) You may work alone or with others.
2) You can work with police.
3) Mugging and raiding is permitted.

1) All keypads must be at least 8sec or toggled.
2) No "one way" textures/props can be part of a raid setup. One way props/textures are only transparent in one direction. One way props can be used otherwise.
4) A raider must be able to gain access to your items through only three (or less) keypad cracks. This means a base with three doors may have up to 6 total keypads depending on the setup.
6) A raider must be able to get to your items with three or less buttons being pressed.
7) Buttons must be toggled - this can be done via faidingdoors settings.
8) No mazes or intentionally disorienting raiding setups are permitted.
9) A raider must be able to gain access to your base/items without crouching or jumping.
10) A fadingdoor with a button in your raid setup counts as a keypad if the raider must use it to get into your base.
An exception is if this door leads to your safe or is placed later on in the base; not in the shootingwindow setup.

Raid setup & shootingwindow
1) Shootingwindow buttons must be right next to the window they toggle.
2) Shootingwindows may only be controlled & activated by buttons.
3) Shootingwindows must be transparent enough to see eachother at a distance.
4) Shootingwindows must be 4 PHX grid blocks off the ground high, and 8 PHX grid blocks wide.
The 1x2 PHX prop is the minimum height prop.
5) Shootingwindowss themselves must be at least 2 PHX grid blocks high.
6) Shootingwindows must be at least (approx) %40 transparent.
7) Shootingwindows can only be on the sides of your raid setup. They cannot be on ceilings/roofs/floors. 8) No fake keypads or traps in your raiding area are permitted. 05x2 is the minimum prop allowed for a shootingwindow. Simply search "05x2" to find it.
8) Fence props, or other non bulletproof props cannot be textured, and must be transparent if used in a base.
Minimum shootingwindow size
A prime example of a legal shootingwindow. The blue is the minimum shootingwindow itself, the red is the minimum height. There is no rules for how large the space above a shootingwindow must be - so long as the raiders aren't crouching it is permitted.

Shooting window minimum

Base extensions and outside building.
Only hobo/homeless classes that state it in the job description are permitted can build in random areas of the map. Even then, they may not have keypads.
Base extensions are permitted. You can build on balconies and areas that are outside of your base, just avoid making the extensins intrusive or massive.

E2 and wire rules
1) No E2 shootingwindows.
2) Wire and E2 alarms are permitted and encouraged, but may not become spammy.
3) You can use an E2/wire to enter or exit a base.
4) You may not use a wire based door as a shootingwindow. If you enter, wait 30sec between exiting again and vice versa.
5) You may use E2/wire doors to escape a chase. If a player gets trapped, they can be killed.
6) If a Noclip permitted player is trapped, they can NoClip to get out, but they must go in the direction further away from the base's entrances. Elaborated in "admin rules"
7) E2/wire cannot apply player decals, like trails.
8) Do not sound emitter spam. Sound emitters are only permitted within or right next to your own doors/base.

KOS sign rules
1) KOS signs are permitted
2) KOS signs may not be used for general/open-area buildings - only raiding setups & bases.
3) Anyone entering your base during an active raid can be KOS regardless of a sign.
4) Entire areas of the map, like a cellblock or segment of the town can NOT be a KOS zone.
You may only place a KOS zone in a building/zone you own. Directly outside your door or base ext.

Coming soon
Weed Growing
Meth farming

Admins must warn first for minor offences, followed by a kick and then a ban. An exception is a player who is a habitual offender proven via AWarn.
Players are owed an explanation of the rules for their offences. These punishment guidelines serve to protect from an abusive or otherwise mistaken admin.
Admins may use discretion within reason. This is a guideline, not a solid list. A kick may be replaced with no less than a 400sec !jail.
Major offences and permaban offences require no warning or prior history

A note to our players: Please respect your admins and try to make their jobs easier. Being punished is annoying, but necessary - even the most productive of players are subject to it. The process to become an admin is far more difficult on our server than it is on most. Admins on American Gaming Community are held to a high standard, but they make mistakes - As do you. Please try to work things out via /pm before opening a report. Admins here earned their position by contributing and being a good-standing member of our community. We don't have paid admin and reply on VIP - they do it to make everyone's experience better. Admin sits are painful for everyone, so please be kind!

Permaban offences

1) Propblock of any essential area (spawn, hallways, main doors) [Min. permaban]
2) Mass RDM with no RP intent. (3-5+ people in a short period) [Min. 2 weeks]
3) Mass RDA with no RP intent (3-5+ people in a short period) [Min. 2 weeks]
4) Threats to DDOS, and/or releasing personal information of other players.[Min. perma]
5) Exploitation and crash attempts (Beta testers are exempt unless they display intent to disrupt) [Min. perma]
6) Propspam or entity spam with attempt to disrupt or crash the server. [Min. 1 month, perma if server lags]
7) Advertising other servers or communities. [Min. permaban]
8) Any offence that poses a threat to the server's stability or that may cause a large portion of players to disconnect.

Major offences

1) Propspam or entityspam without intent to crash the server [min. 3 days]
2) RDM/RDA without any intent to RP of multiple players that doesn't meet "mass RDM" threshhold. [3 days-1 week]
3) Any offence that disrupts gameplay intentionally, but does not pose a threat to the server's stability.

Minor offences

1) Most violations of job rules and basic MOTD rules. [Warn, kick, ban]
2) "two strikes" - being warned, kicked and then returning. [600sec jail - 24hr ban]
3) Mass random unarrest [Job demote on the spot]
4) Single cases of RDM or RDA [Warn, kick, ban]
5) Minor propblock cases [Warn, kick, ban]
6) Minging/trolling - playing the server with no intent to RP and with the intent to be an annoyance/disruptor. May skate the rules but not overtly break them. Intent must be evident. [Warn, kick, ban]

Admin rules

Basic admin rules

1) With the exception of perma offences and situations that threaten the server's population or server, admins are NOT required to take reports. let them play and RP like anyone else. An "on duty" staff job is the exception.
2) Admins are held to a higher standard in chat rules. Admins may enter banter with players, but it must be very tame and reasonable. Do not start a situation then use administrator powers to stop it
3) Admins may not dish out punishments to a higher ranking admin. The exception is a rogue admin, which should be banned and reported instantly.
4) Base checks may be executed to check a base for legality. Advert before and after the check, "PLAYER NAME, base check! or something similar" Tell them what to fix and give them 5 minutes.
5) If after the time, a player refuses to fix an illegal base, the problematic part may be deleted.
6) Do not use NoClip or !bring, !goto as a shortcut. They may only be used when handling situations. Noclip can be used to build.
7) You may not antagonize in OOC and then use your powers to end it. Let your antagonist get the "last word" and then advise it to be taken to PM.
8) While it may be difficult when dealing with twats, please try to act mature and professional. You earned your position, and didn't pay for it.
9) Admin powers may never be used to give an advantage or avoid an RP situation.


Noclip can only be used while building or while dealing with admin related work. Using it to shortcut or evade RP will result in punishment. You cannot even Noclip into a wall/void to AFK. If you become trapped in an E2 or raiding door, you can use Noclip to exit. However, you must go in the opposite direction of advancement. For example, if you chase a player into a base, and become trapped in the outside door, you must Noclip to the outside. You didn't get in. Or if you become trapped in the second door during a raid, you must noclip into the second portion of the raid entrance. Not the third area you would have advanced to if you had made it through.


1) A warning may not be issued in a "he said, she said situation" unless the proof is clear. Do not issue a warning to quickly end an RDM case. Instead, release both players and perhaps !spectate the offender.
2) In general, a warning may only be issued if the situation is relatively clear.
3) Minor warnings older than 30 days should be ignored in most cases.
4) Warnings can be verbal, and count towards the warn, kick, ban sequence. Such should be the case in situations lacking clear right and wrong where you otherwise believe a rule was broken.
5) In cases where an intentional violation is clear, warns or kicks can be replaced with lengthy !jail times.


An admin situation should be avoided if possible. For example, if a player is getting constantly reported for RDM but it is a "he said, she said" situation everytime, spectate the player as opposed to another sit. A skilled "minge" or RDMer is good at lying to admins, and will seem reasonable and correct. PM the reporters to advise them of the spectate in progress. When in a situation, only let one player speak at a time and maintain control of the conversation. Use mutes and gags if needed, but always unmute and ungag when it is over or their turn to speak. Admins reserve the right to restrict a situation to text-only for whatever reason. A player leaving a sit can be a warn and/or jail on the spot.

Disconnect to avoid punishment
If a player leaves the server during an admin situation, a 1hr ban can be issued. It is advised to wait to see if they log back into the server, as crashes are common. If they do log back in, it is advised to attempt to contact them and allow an explanation. Discretion is permitted.

Rogue admins

A rogue admin is an administrator who starts banning and kicking players constantly to destabilize the server. It is not admin abuse, which is someone who intends to be a part of the community but may have overstepped or made a mistake. Rogue admins will have their usernames and SteamID posted on the forums so they may come up in a google search to warn other communities. In addition, we may warn other communities we find you are attempting to hold a position on about what we have seen. If you are an admin and are unhappy with the server, please contact the owner directly and we can sort it out. Rogue administration is the most serious offence on the server.

A note on our rules If a player is breaking a minor rule, they can be given exceptions if they are not disrupting the server or causing complaints. If you believe their conduct to be beneficial to RP, feel free to give exceptions at times. The rules are a general guideline in many cases. This is entirely up to you, exceptions should be rare and well used nonetheless.